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Changelog - 4.1.1

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We are excited to list our extended release notes, which include more than 100 enhancements and minor fixes. We are committed to continually improving our platform, and we believe that these updates will further enhance your user experience.

📈 Enhancements

  1. Improved the performance of Insights for Business Views made up of multiple datasets and a high number of transformations.
  2. Live connectivity support has been provided for the Exasol datasource.
  3. Multi-line content is now allowed in the header row of CSV files.
  4. On the Notifications page, the details of datasets and Business Views refreshed will now be displayed.
  5. Search results for YOY charts now display weekend dates by default.
  6. When a measure being tracked is deleted, the associated Feed will also be auto-deleted.
  7. The default aggregation for all measures is changed to AVG (average).
  8. The values of the count of records column of a Business View can be filtered in Vizpads.
  9. Now, a user can be a part of more than 50 user groups.
  10. The JSON Web Token (JWT) length issues have now been fixed.
  11. A new column Probability has been added to predict data from XGBoost models.
  12. Calculated columns can now have double quotes.
  13. For SQL-scripted datasets, the column statistics are recalculated instead of using the source datasets’ precalculated values.
  14. For SVC classification, the log loss calculation algorithm is updated.
  15. The newly cloned Viz will be focused when a clone is created in a Vizpad.
  16. A validation has been introduced for latitude and longitude columns while creating Location maps.
  17. Based on Advanced Settings configured by users, the external dependencies (on Pendo, Intercom, and Posthog) have now been handled.
  18. Row-level policy filter now excludes date columns from column selection.
  19. While creating alert reports, the name field has been made mandatory and the report name would be displayed on the Notifications page.
  20. The target line feature support is available only for valid charts.
  21. Gridlines support is available for bar conversion charts.
  22. The ability to search across tables has been included in Snowflake Dataload.
  23. Timeslice features such as selecting the previous time period and editing the time period in an Insight have been improved.
  24. The positioning of colored circles that represent each Business View in a multi-Business View Vizpad has been improved.
  25. In a Vizpad, the display of Save and Edit buttons can be configured as per the user’s preferences.
  26. The weekend dates will now be displayed in Sankey charts, table charts, and pivot charts, irrespective of the positions of the date columns.
  27. Improved error messages in multiple places across the platform.
  28. Updating the display names of a Business View will now get reflected in existing Vizpads.
  29. After updating the share permissions of any object, the toast messages will now appear for 3 seconds and users have the option to close them. 
  30. The alignment issues with Predict module, comparison and trend insights have been fixed.
  31. Global filters of a Vizpad will now be considered when the min and max values of a measure are populated for conditional formatting.
  32. Under Datasets, the Statistics window for each column of a dataset has been updated. Also, the number of records was fixed to reflect accurate values.
  33. The issue with chart titles on Vizpads after applying control filters (list/sliders/pulldown) has been fixed.
  34. Once global filters are applied, the column name cannot be changed further but only the filter values can be modified from the filter pill.
  35. Now, display names can be used instead of column names in search queries.
  36. Based on the aggregations, we have limited the prefix and suffix that appear alongside the value in tooltips.
  37. To prevent the charts from being split between pages, we have updated the downloadable PDF to be displayed on a single, continuous page.
  38. Downloading maps and the quality of charts rendered for PPT have been improved.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. Running multiple AutoML jobs with the same name has been resolved.
  2. Users provisioned through SSO are now automatically added to the default user group.
  3. Models with the least errors will be ranked at the top in the AutoML models leaderboard.
  4. Fixed the row limits considered for top/bottom (N) related search queries.
  5. In Insight notification emails, the URL for the respective Insight has been fixed and updated.
  6. Improved handling of Null type exceptions while reading from Excel files.
  7. The issues with connecting to live BigQuery datasets in distributed mode have been resolved.
  8. Included column formatting for charts in Insights and Models.
  9. The filters for Help us learn have been enhanced. Also, the existing Learnings of a Business View will be retained after adding new Learnings.
  10. The issues with using map columns in YoY queries have been resolved.
  11. Improved the handling of divide-by-zero functionality in Snowflake Live mode.
  12. The email sent in case of failure of a scheduled refresh of an Insight has been updated.
  13. The position of the treemap algorithms dropdown has been changed.
  14. After a Viz has been drilled, the tooltip will no longer be displayed.
  15. The cohort comparison values for comparison Insights can now be updated seamlessly.
  16. The issues with applying filter conditions after renaming the column have been fixed.
  17. The issues with adding a new Viz in a cloned tab have been fixed.
  18. Now, measures and dimensions can be applied as filters in addition to the date filters.
  19. The tooltip alignment issues in the dropdown have been fixed.
  20. A new password policy has been enforced when adding a new user from an existing user group.
  21. The conditional formatting popup UI for table charts has been enhanced.
  22. The inconsistencies with marking Vizpads as "favorite" have been fixed.
  23. The switching between charts in Vizpads has been enhanced.
  24. The issues with editing a user group role have been fixed.
  25. The issue with displaying the saved projects while creating models has been fixed.
  26. Opening/sharing the embedding URL of a Feed when the user has logged out has been fixed.
  27. Representing Business Views as icons in Search has been improved.
  28. The logo and name have been updated for memsql.
  29. Fixed the overlapping of disambiguating search queries.
  30. When Insights are created from the interaction popup, filter creation issues have been fixed.
  31. Improved the formatting of axis labels in Vizpad charts.
  32. The Close (X) button has been added to the statistics window and filter columns on the Data page.
  33. The alignment issues with filters in Insights have been fixed.
  34. Embedding an individual Viz from a Vizpad has been refined.
  35. The alignment issues for interaction popups in a Vizpad have been fixed.
  36. The issues with cloning a boundary map have been fixed.
  37. The colored circles representing the Business Views will not be displayed for charts rendered for search queries.
  38. The positioning of the Intercom icon and scrollbar has been improved on the Notifications page.
  39. The spacing between the Business View panel and the search guide/search query result in Search and Assistant has been improved.
  40. Improved the tooltip for aggregation popup while applying filters on a Vizpad.
  41. The search query inspector issues while measure binding has been fixed.
  42. Improved the positioning of the date calendar while scheduling alerts/notifications for Vizpads.
  43. The overlapping issues in Vizpad maps have been resolved.
  44. Users can now request edit access from the Data Prepare page.
  45. The issues with publishing a dataset have been resolved.
  46. The issues with cloning a pivot table have been fixed.
  47. The issues with loading S3 data tables have been resolved.
  48. Improved the interaction menu for live Business Views in a Vizpad.
  49. While scheduling the refresh of a Vizpad, the ability to refresh immediately has been removed from the form. 
  50. The pagination for more than 50 columns in Predict module has been fixed.
  51. The issue with Pendo guides not appearing has been fixed.
  52. The issue with displaying min and max labels on Vizpad charts when Y-axis labels are disabled has been fixed.
  53. The confirmation window that pops up when a Viz is resized has been improved.
  54. Improved the scrolling for Viz-level filters in a Vizpad.
  55. The design of the side panel in Insights has been improved.
  56. During the creation of Insights, the target column has been disabled and the reason displayed for excluding each column has been refined.
  57. Applying the "%" symbol in prefix and postfix for Vizpads has been improved.
  58. The alignment issues of the time slicer for Vizpads has been fixed.
  59. The messaging on Insight summary has been improved for custom timeslice applications.
  60. The issue with adding hex color code for conditional formatting table charts has been fixed.
  61. Extended the support to add filter values with commas for global filters on Vizpads.
  62. Improved the handling of HTML tags in data tables.
  63. The issues with selecting all tables while loading them have been resolved.
  64. The issues with displaying the nodes while editing a pipeline have been fixed.
  65. Addressed the sorting issues after switching the chart type in Vizpads.
  66. Global filters will be reset when a Vizpad mode gets switched between View and Edit.
  67. The issues with selecting the weekly resolution for YoY charts have been resolved.
  68. The issues with creating a segment driver from Search and Vizpad have been fixed.
  69. Improved the sorting of columns with time filters.
  70. Improved the initializing of postMessage for embedding elements.
  71. The issues with opening/closing of side panels and resizing the slider have been fixed.
  72. Alerts can now be created for datasets during the data preparation stage.
  73. Incorrect notifications for live Insights have been fixed.
  74. The issue with the date window when scheduling refresh/alerts for a Vizpad has been fixed.
  75. The issues with displaying data labels for area charts have been resolved.
  76. The issues with applying global filters for Vizpads in Edit mode have been fixed.
  77. The axis labels of Vizpads will now be updated if any measure is modified.
  78. The issues with formatting the legends for pie/combo charts have been fixed.
  79. The filter pill of the slider/list/pulldown Viz will be retained after deleting the clone of the Viz.
  80. The issues with the nodes in the visual pipeline during data preparation have been fixed.
  81. The issue with using “does not contain” filter for values with wildcard characters (_ or %) has been fixed.
  82. Fixed “count of records” to display accurate values for live Business Views after performing joins.
  83. The issues with Viz overlapping on Vizpads when the grid rows exceed 100 have been fixed.
  84. Use current system date toggle under Settings will now be considered when applying time filters during data preparation. 
  85. Icons have been added to represent measures, dimensions, and date columns in Model tables.
  86. The issues with displaying the confirmation popup and data loading when switching between View and Edit modes in a dataset have been fixed.
  87. The issue with displaying time stamp in the format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ has been fixed.
  88. For GLM models, the default values for family and link have been updated to “gaussian” and “identity” respectively. Also, validation has been added for reg param and link power.
  89. The issue with displaying date dimensions as labels on X-axis for confidence range charts has been fixed.
  90. HDFS connector is now enabled for offline license types.
  91.  The issue with searching filter values under Data → Prepare → Advanced Filters has been fixed.
  92. The quality of charts and maps generated for PPT downloads has been improved.
  93. The issues with the local filter popup (positioning after resizing, pagination for multiple filters, alignment for aggregated columns, top/bottom (N) filter condition) for a Viz have been fixed.
  94. The alignment of filter columns while editing marketshare-related Insights has been improved.
  95. For Insights, the raw data of segments will be displayed in table format.
  96. Improved the formatting of decimals and displaying unit numbers on Vizpads.
  97.   When switching from a Vizpad to Datasets, the default Business View of the Vizpad will be displayed.
  98. Searching and populating the filter values while creating new Key driver Insights have been improved.
  99. For Python classification models in Predict, the next button is disabled after validation.
  100. The issue with removing a filter from multiple filters has been resolved.
  101. In control viz, the issues with selecting and deselecting all the values have been fixed.
  102. The updated scripts will now be reflected in the dataset after publishing.
  103. The issue with sorting the columns has been fixed.
  104. The issue of a renamed column not being considered when added to a group has been resolved.
  105. Fixed the overlapping issue of dataset names during join creation.
  106. Fixed an issue where previously selected values were being reused when generating Insight from charts.

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