Changelog - 4.1.4

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

🛠️ Minor Fixes

  1. In Search, the issue with numerous data points being falsely identified as anomalies during anomaly detection has been resolved. 
  2. The PPT exported charts in Search now adhere to the correct starting day of the week configuration.
  3. The issue with display names at the Business View level taking precedence over the dataset level has been addressed.
  4. When filtered by time, the marketshare-related charts and queries now display the exact share calculated over the complete data.
  5. The issue with the presence of null values in IN/NOT IN filters has been addressed.
  6. When editing Segment Discovery Insights, the column selection configured by users during Insight creation will now be maintained.
  7. The issues with charts in Comparison Insights have been resolved.
  8. The error handling for Python Compilation has been improved, and the associated error messages have been updated.
  9. Resolved the handling of duplicate column names from the same dataset.
  10. The issue with updating the SQL script when removing used datasets has been addressed.
  11.  The issues when using the same date column with different resolutions in a Pivot table have been fixed.

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