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Changelog - 5.0.1

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

We are excited to announce the release of version 5.0.1, which brings significant enhancements and numerous fixes to improve your Tellius experience. This update includes the streamlining of metadata migration from one Tellius instance to another. The new feature simplifies the transition of Tellius objects (Vizpads, Projects) between environments without conflict.

🚀 New feature

Enhanced management of metadata migration

The enhanced metadata migration process simplifies transferring your analytics setup from one environment to another. Users can now easily export and import a wide range of resources (including data sources, datasets, Business Views, Vizpads, Insights, and ML Models) from one Tellius instance to another (e.g., from development to test to production). Imported items are treated as new resources, ensuring no overwriting of existing data or configurations in the target environment.

During import, users can map incoming resources to existing ones or create new sources in the destination instance, ensuring a seamless transition without duplicating existing resources.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. Resolved the issue with the display of duplicate folder names in Prepare and Business View pages.
  2. Corrected a bug that caused unselected columns to be erroneously added to an existing Business View when including a new live dataset.
  3. In Vizpads, the issue with applying “Include Nulls” to tables has been fixed.
  4. Renamed "Tellius Feed" to "Feed", simplifying terminology.
  5. Improved handling of live datasets used in multi-dataset Business Views from the same datasource, preventing dataset corruption during swapping.
  6. In Vizpads, fixed an issue with line charts where pagination settings were not retained for incorrect configurations.
  7. Corrected a bug where the dataset name was appended multiple times to column names when editing a Business View.
  8. Upgraded to the latest Snowflake driver to fix refresh failures due to connection issues, enhancing stability.
  9. In Vizpads, fixed an issue where the week-ending date was not correctly displayed for cohort charts with weekly resolution.
  10. Addressed a gap where schedules set for parent datasets were not visible on the Business View schedule page.
  11. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with saving the selected sort order for control filters.
  12. In Search, the issue with displaying results for queries containing two group-bys and resolution keywords (such as monthly, yearly etc.) has been fixed.
  13. In Vizpads, fixed a UI issue where tooltips overlapped while changing algorithms for explainable AI charts.
  14. In Vizpads, corrected a UI issue with the display of chart placeholders.
  15. Resolved an issue where schedules created on Vizpad were not cancelled upon dataset archiving.
  16. Made improvements to the schema update process in the Snowflake connector for saved data source connections.
  17. Fixed a UI issue where long Business View names caused unnecessary scrolling on the Business View and Insight pages.
  18. Improved handling of dataset refreshes when schema changes affect calculated columns.
  19. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with applying number formatting for the count of records.
  20. Updated configurations to allow users to utilize SAML authentication for embedded apps without modifying default browser settings.
  21. Corrected an issue with displaying tables listed for MySQL JDBC connections.
  22. Disabled the export option for Insights without segments, such as Instant and Fast modes, and added backend validation to ensure that export of trend drivers is only available for Insights with segments.
  23. The issue with using the "IN" filter condition for Trend and Comparison insights has been fixed.

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