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Changelog - 4.2.4

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

We're thrilled to introduce Tellius 4.2.4! This update comes packed with an array of enhancements focused on data visualization and user interface. Dive in to discover the key improvements we've made in this version. We believe these enhancements will provide a faster, more intuitive experience.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. Resolved the issue where switching to "All projects" showed an empty project list.
  2. In Vizpads, the issue with displaying incorrect query execution time after cloning a table viz has been fixed.
  3. Rectified the formatting (alignment, sorting, styling) of legends in heatmap charts.
  4. Fixed the issue with the visibility of formulae in Data → Business View → Calculated columns section.
  5. In Vizpads, the issue with changing gradient color for boundary maps has been fixed.
  6. Addressed text formatting discrepancies in tables and detailed table charts in Vizpads.
  7. Resolved the download functionality for boundary maps in PDF, PNG, and JPG formats.
  8. In Vizpads, addressed the issue where data labels were not visible for area charts.
  9. The overlapping issue of Viz while building a Vizpad has been resolved.
  10. Optimized UI issues with the display of queries in Search Guide.
  11. In Vizpads, the issue with applying date dimensions as global filters has been fixed.
  12. Addressed the incorrect time display of scheduled jobs in the Notifications → Scheduled Jobs tab.
  13. In Vizpads, resolved the conditional formatting issues for column-level values in table and pivot tables.
  14. The View Alert window for datasets has been fixed to include the values of aggregation, column, operator, and value.
  15. Resolved the discrepancies with displaying the count of values in the Selected and Available lists of multi-select control filters.
  16. The issue with displaying the Y-Axis title name under Axis formatting for bar and line charts has been fixed.
  17. Fixed the UI issues with the top banner displayed while swapping Business Views.
  18. The issues where the Edit SQL Load and partitioning options were not displayed in the CloudSQL databases have been rectified.
  19.  Resolved the issue with the incorrect display of filter values post-swapping of Business Views. 
  20. Fixed the issue with validating SQL/Python code in Tellius Copilot.
  21. The issue with the visibility of “Does not contain” filter condition while editing Insights has been fixed.
  22. Improved the Vizpad's handling of the MKS filter to ensure accurate market share values.
  23. Addressed issues with the display of Pendo guides on product walkthrough tours.
  24. Fixed an issue where inside Predict module, 'Explainable' tab was not getting generated for classification models.
  25. Implemented a fix around validation of code across SQL and Python, via Open AI functionality.

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