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Starting 3.9, users can directly connect to a Google BigQuery database from Tellius. The new connector eliminates the previously needed intermediate step of connecting to the Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket.

Steps to connect to a Google BigQuery database: 

  1. In the left navigation bar, click the Data menu.

The Data page opens with different tabs.

  1. Click the Connect tab. On the Connect page, click Create New to create a new connection.
  1. From the list of data sources, select Google BigQuery.

A new window opens which shows the options to connect to BigQuery.

  1. Select the Direct tab. Give your datasource a name and provide your BigQuery ProjectId. Now click Save and Browse Host.
  1. Enter the Dataset (Schema) name and Table name. Upload the Config file for your BigQuery connection and click Next.
  1. Enter a name for your dataset and click Load.

Once the connection has been successfully created, it appears on the Dataset page.

  1. Click on the loaded dataset, select the Primary Date Column, any Geospatial columns, and make any changes to measure or dimensions if needed.
  2. Click Load.

You can see your loaded table and columns in your connection and add any preprocessing steps if required before creating a Business View. 

Note: In case of Views, you need to provide details of another project and schema along with the other required details. This is needed to create a temporary table to materialize the view data.
Note: We will continue to support the Google BigQuery connection via the GCS bucket route until Tellius 4.2

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Configuring direct connection to Google BigQuery