Time slices in Filters

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Support for the Time slices is an exciting addition to the custom time filters in Tellius in Release 3.7.

Why Time slices?

Our customers need to look at data by different time slices and calculate percentage change or absolute change for these Time slices. These times slices can either be 3 weeks over 3 weeks change or last 3 weeks compared to the same 3 weeks last year. Support for such custom time ranges allows users to compare the data for different time frames as per the need. The ability of users to define their own Data Period definitions based on date ranges. These can be applied for financial reporting or other applications. These Aliases then can be used and sorted by in Vizpads for reporting.

Where to find the time slices?

Time slices can be created in any date range filter in Vizpads and Insights. User need to move any date column to the filter column and in Range select custom range at the bottom of the operators. In the custom range, Time slices option is provided as shown in the snapshots below:

In Vizpad:

In Insights:

Reference point

Tellius uses the Max Data Date as default. Switching to the current system date may cause errors if your data is not regularly updated. Users can set the reference point for Time slices by switching the Reference point setting in Settings -> Application settings -> Data -> Time Slices Reference Point.

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