Release 1.8

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Released in Jan 2019

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release introduced a completely new insights - Trend Insights (Why Insights). In addition, support was added to make Insights transparent, tokenize search with added guidance and add new charts to enhance your search experience and reduce the effort for your analysts and business users.  

Genius Insights

Stop the guessing why your metrics changed -- Ask Tellius to figure it out for you. We introduced a net new insights Trend Insights (Why Insights) that will provide you with the reasons behind the change in your metric over time along with highlighting the areas most affected and what you can do about them. Additionally, we introduced model metrics in insights to build trust and transparency in release 1.8:

  • Why Insights
  • Trend based Discoveries
  • Insight Model Metrics
  • Updated UX / UI 

Search guide will provide sample queries to get you started with analyzing your data. You can now kick off Insights directly from search. Additionally, check out some other search enhancements introduced in release 1.8:

  • Voice Search
  • What Can I Ask? 
  • Insights via Search
  • New Query Formats 
  • Currency Support


Vizpads saw some new charts and object being added to the palette along with enhancements around chart/legend/number formatting in release 1.8:

  • Side-by-side Bar Chart 
  • Multiple dimensions & measures Bar Chart 
  • New Elements - Text Box, Image  
  • Chart/Legend Formatting 
  • Currency Support
  • Right Nav Bar 


Format your data with currency type and perform date transformations on date/timestamp columns in release 1.8:

  • Currency Support
  • Date Transformations 
  • Smart Sampling
  • Business View Joins Performance Updates
  • S3 Performance Updates

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