Edit Comparison Insights

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For a Comparison Insight, you can edit the drivers that are affecting the the selected measure in the dataset.

Click the Edit icon at the right navigation bar.

The Insight Edit panel opens.

Along with the Insight Edit panel, the business view panel also opens.

You can drag column from business view panel to the Insight Edit panel.

Following are the fields that you can edit:

  • What drives: The field that you want to use as the driving factor for comparison insight.
  • Included/ Excluded: The columns that you want to include or exclude in the insight. Select the appropriate option and drag the columns from the business view panel to the filed.
  • For: The filter condition that you want to apply when changing the insight.
  • Using: How much percentage of data you want to use to drive the insight.

After making the changes, click the Replace button to edit the same segment or click the Create New button to create a new segment.

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