Assign User Objects

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Users can assign their content to a different user. This ownership transfer of the content helps in scenarios such as deleting a user. When the administrator deletes any user from the system, other users can still access the content or objects from the system.

Before transferring ownership, users can preview all content owned by them.

To assign user objects to a different user:

  1.  In the left navigation bar, click the Settings menu.

The Settings page opens with different tabs.

  1. Click the Users & Groups tab. 

The Users page displays a list of users already created.

  1. In the list of users, click the Delete user icon for the user whose details you want to delete.

The Delete User dialog box opens.

In the Delete user dialog box, you can view all objects that the user owns. These objects can be datasets, business views, vizpads, insights, and models. Deleting a user also deletes the objects.

  1. To re-assign the objects to another user, select the Re-assign Content checkbox.
  2. Select the new user.
  3. Enter the correct answer to the captcha question.
  4. Click Delete.

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