Restricting the dataset for a user

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Administrator can enable the dataset loading restriction for a user.

Adminstrator can set the maximum limit for the file size and records in the database table that a user can upload to Tellius.

  1. In the left Navigation bar, click the Settings menu.
    The Settings page opens with different tabs.
  2. Click the Users tab.
    The Users page displays a list of users already created.
  3. In the list of users, click the Dataset loading restrictions icon for the user for whom you want to set the loading restriction.
  4. In the Dataset loading restriction dialog box, set the following fields:
  • Maximum File Size for Upload: The maximum size of the file that a user can upload to Tellius. The limit is in megabytes (MB).
  • Maximum Number Of Rows in Datasource Table: The maximum number of records that a user can upload to the database table.
  1. Click Submit.

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