Year-over-Year Analysis

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Year-over-Year (YoY) compares data from one time period with the data from a similar time period in the previous year. Users can analyze the results as either Growth Percentage, Difference in values, or Actual values between the current & previous time period.

Support for year-over-year has been added to Search as well as Vizpads.

Supported keywords in Search

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Let's take a look at a YoY query in Search: Sum of Profit YoY

  1. The chart visualizes growth percentage of total profit year-over-year. By default, year-over-year shows Growth %.
  1. The user can toggle change the year-over-year calculation to Difference or Actuals.
  1. Difference visualizes the difference in profit values between the current & previous time periods.
  1. Actuals visualizes the absolute values of profit year-over-year.

The tooltip provides all three values - Growth %, Difference, and Actuals.

In the example below, the tooltip show profit values for August 2016, August 2015, the difference between the two values, and the growth percentage.

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