Model Information

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To keep transparency with the users about how Tellius is doing real analytics based on the provided input parameters and how efficiently it is doing the prediction, Tellius provides the Model Information.

On the Predict page, when you open the AutoML model, you can view the Leaderboard with the list of models arranged as per their ranking.

On the Leaderboard, click the model algorithm to view the performance of the selected model and the Model information.

In the right panel, click the Model Information tab to view the information about the selected model.

Model Information Tab:

The information is categorized into following:

  • My Job: The details of the prediction job that you have executed.
    • Type: The type of the model selected for the prediction.
    • Algorithm: The algorithm selected on the Leaderboard for which you are viewing the information.
    • Configuration:
    • Evaluation Metrics:
  • Model Detail: Displays the link to view the model details and the model parameters.
  • Input Features: Displays the list of features selected for predicting the AutoML model.
    • Features: The list of features (with details) that are included to predict the AutoML Leaderboard.

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