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Tellius enables the administrators to mark a required user group as default, which is represented by a ⭐. The administrators can choose whether to automatically include any new user in the default user group. This helps in seamless onboarding since the new user can explore the shared content of the default group.

To mark a user group as default,

  1. Click on the profile icon found at the bottom of the left pane.
  2. From the menu, click on Settings.
Navigating to user group from Settings
  1. Click on Users & Groups, and then click on the Groups tab.
  2. A list of available user groups is displayed, from which you can select the required group. Click on the ⭐ icon on the right side to mark the group as default.
Setting the default user group
  1. Click on the checkbox next to Apply new group to all existing users? to migrate all the existing user accounts to the current default group.
  2. Once you click on Confirm, the default group is set.
Default user group
  1. Alternatively, you can click on the pen icon next to the group name.
Alternative way to set default user group
  1. In the Edit Group window that appears, click on the checkbox next to Set as Default Group? to mark the group as default.
Set default user group from Edit Group
  1. Click on Edit. Now, the default user group is set.

The new users will be automatically associated with the default user group and they can explore its content immediately.

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