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Changelog - 5.0.3

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The latest version 5.0.3 delivers a range of improvements and fixes across various modules to enhance overall functionality and user experience. This update addresses multiple issues related to data visualization, user interface consistency, and system performance. Users will benefit from improved stability, more intuitive controls, and better handling of complex queries and datasets.

📈 Enhancements

Support for switching KPI charts

In Vizpads, KPI charts can be switched to any required chart. Users can select an existing chart and switch it to the available chart from the Chart Type dropdown in the Configuration pane.

However, the KPI chart needs to be resized to cover a 3x3 grid area within the Vizpad layout before switching to the selected chart. This enhances flexibility, allowing users to customize their dashboards to better suit their analytical needs while ensuring adequate space for the new chart type.

Increased dimensions for pivot tables in Vizpads

The number of dimensions for pivot table rows and columns in Vizpads has been increased from 5 to 10, supporting up to 10 columns in both rows and columns. This enhancement allows for more complex data analysis and greater detail in pivot tables, enabling users to uncover deeper insights by incorporating more dimensions into their analyses.

The prompts for Kaiya-powered Search have been enhanced to provide more cohesive and meaningful responses for complex queries. This improvement enhances the quality of results generated by Kaiya, making it easier for users to obtain relevant and comprehensive answers to their complex questions, thereby improving the overall search experience.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. In Trend Insights, the display of relevant numbers in status bars above “Top Change Contributors” has been fixed.
  2. When embedding a Vizpad, fixed the display of date picker and the application of date filters to charts.
  3. In Notifications, fixed the issue with retrying failed “Publish” jobs of Business Views.
  4. In Insights, the issue with displaying sentiment (red, down arrow for decrease and green, up arrow for increase) has been resolved for “Contributors to the increase/drop” section.
  5. Under Settings → Users & Groups, fixed the issue with adding a user to a user group.
  6. Added error message in the top banner to indicate the longer response times and timeout.
  7. In Insights, resolved the issue with providing share permissions to a view-only user.
  8. Under Settings → Users & Groups, the issue with displaying longer user names has been fixed.
  9. In Insights, resolved the issue with displaying relevant charts after removing a filter from the “Why” section.
  10. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying the aggregation twice for any column added under conditional formatting.
  11. Resolved the issue with navigating to the Backup & Restore page from different pages across Tellius.
  12. Under the “Why” section of Insights, resolved the issue with the color palette of trend charts.
  13. Under Data → Prepare → Schedule, a progress bar will be displayed to indicate the uploading process and the associated “Refresh” button will be disabled until the upload is completed.
  14. In Insights, after clicking on “Show why”, fixed the issue with the display of relevant charts as per the applied filter.
  15. For shared Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying active Business Views and filters in the right configuration pane.
  16. In Trend Driver Insights, calculated columns can no longer be assigned as target measure aggregations.
  17. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying the Configuration pane after saving an empty multi-select control filter.
  18. The issue with publishing Business Views from the Notifications page (reconfiguring) has been fixed.
  19. In Vizpads, removed the additional message displayed when trying to export Vizpads.
  20. Under Data → Prepare → Data, removed the options to rename and delete the datasets shared in View mode.
  21. In Trend Driver Insights, fixed the issue with applying date filters for the Segment section.
  22. Resolved the issue with successfully submitting feedback from the Help page.
  23. Under Data → Business Views, after selecting a Business View, the associated Publish button will be disabled until the Business View gets loaded completely.
  24. Under Settings → Application Settings → Miscellaneous, fixed the issue with enabling/disabling the Offline Render toggle for Report Configuration.
  25. In the Conditional Formatting popup of Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying duplicate aggregation for the selected columns to be formatted.
  26. Under Settings → Security → OAuth access, resolved the issue with displaying the selected Scope for newly created clients.
  27. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with maintaining the formatting after changing the aggregation for pivot tables.
  28. Datasets should be labeled as "Facts" or "Dimensions", while unlabeled datasets are treated as "Dimensions". This information will be stored in the Requests collection in MongoDB. If a user's analysis involves multiple Fact groups without direct joins, an error will be triggered. Separate analyses will be performed for each Fact group if needed.
  29. Improved graph processing to eliminate redundant joins when using distant datasets, enhancing efficiency for in-database Snowflake queries.
  30. Under Settings → My Profile, resolved the issue with applying and saving Language Preferences.
  31. In Comparison Insights, fixed the issue with the display of irrelevant dates when editing the date columns.
  32. In Insights, fixed the design issues with “Move Insights” pop-up.
  33. Disabled preview for live Snowflake BusinessViews with deduplication enabled due to performance issues and the impracticality of previewing exploded data.
  34. In Vizpads, resolved the issue with saving and retaining the changes made to the column width of tables.
  35. The deletion of any type of object (Insights, Vizpads etc.) is restricted only to admins and the original creators. On hovering over the disabled "Delete" option in any object shared in Edit mode, a relevant tooltip will be displayed.
  36. Under Settings → Application Settings → Assistant, fixed the issue with displaying the uploaded logo.
  37. When configuring Comparison Insights, only two types of modes (Instant and Fast) will be displayed.
  38. In Vizpad charts, resolved the issue with displaying Y-axis titles in tooltips.
  39. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying relevant filter values (as per the typed characters in Search field) when applying local filters.
  40. Using Help Tellius Learn, the learnings that were created referring to incorrect column names will be ignored.
  41. In Search, resolved an issue where Insight generation from a chart was failing if attempted after using the “Remove” action.
  42. In Vizpads, added tooltips for “Expand” and “Shrink” actions in the top right corner of every chart.
  43. Fixed an issue where Vizpads were not being deleted when their associated Business Views were deleted. 

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