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Snowflake Best Practices

Snowflake is a Cloud Data Platform with an innovative consumption-based pricing model. See below for best practices when utilizing Snowflake as a data source within Tellius. Live Mode Live Mode allow…

Ajay Khanna
Updated 3 years ago by Ajay Khanna

OAuth support for Snowflake

Since Snowflake plans to stop supporting commercial service accounts, Tellius now supports OAuth-based authentication for Snowflake. Using the OAuth 2.0 protocol, Tellius users can gain authorized access to Snowflake datasets without the need to share or store user login credentials.

Ramya Priya
Updated 7 months ago by Ramya Priya

Integrating Snowflake with Azure AD via OAuth

The following steps will walk you through the process of integrating Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with Snowflake for authentication using OAuth.

Ramya Priya
Updated 1 day ago by Ramya Priya